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Bridging the Digital Divide

Enhancing Connectivity through Postal and Trade Data Analysis


Countercheck & La Poste Groupe France

Global Standard Anti-Counterfeiting Software

#SupplyChain #vLEI #TRAIN #GS1

Coupling Digital Identities

Coupling secure Digital Identities with trusted postal data to improve security and efficiency of Cross-Border delivery of Cargo/Posts.

Data-driven solutions for plastic pollution

Using data-driven solutions for incentivizing circularity approaches within the postal sector to address plastic pollution.


Ensuring Postal Resilience in the Digital Economy

Use OPEN DATA to develop solutions for the postal sector enabling them to adapt, survive and thrive in 2023 and beyond!

Making packages talk

Putting data required for correct handling on the box in a globally standardised way independent of Sender, Carrier or Receiver

Preferred choice of eCommerce Delivery

What can UPU or post offices offer more than other parties to become the preferred choice of eCommerce Delivery?


Last-Mile Delivery in e-Commerce

Design a system for sharing and invoicing parcel locker locations between several parcel operators