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Active projects and challenges as of 15.06.2024 07:06.

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Rethinking USO for the Digital Age for Brazil

Rethinking the Universal Service Obligation (USO) for the Digital Age for Brazil

Leveraging data innovation for a transformative impact on global postal logistic

Create a tool able to interact with route designers and show the best option in order to minimize the costs, the time and/or the CO2 emission.

Improving delivery sustainability through interoperability of Postal Networks

Digital product passports

Accelerating official participation in digital economy

Participants are tasked with leveraging the GovStack framework and the vast data resources, the treaty/regulatory frameworks and the network of the UPU and national Posts to enhance cross-border digital government using verifiable, secure digital delivery of documents.

The Networked Postal Identity

Secure AI-driven Digital Identities


GeoPostal Insight

Challenge G - Post office, postal service and digital service mapping platform


Elevator Paul Challenge

The hackathon before the hackathon - not an official challenge!