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Digital product passports

Digital public infrastructure for digital product passports

Problem statement: Digital product passports (DPPs) are digital records that track a product's characteristics and attributes throughout its lifecycle, promoting transparency and sustainability in the circular economy. While they offer advantages like cost reduction, new market opportunities, and support for innovative business models, DPPs also present significant deployment challenges, such as the need for a robust digital infrastructure to manage and share extensive data. To overcome these challenges, the postal network can facilitate digital public infrastructure (DPI) deployments for DPPs by enabling data sharing (domestically and cross-border), generating incentives and creating viable markets. Challenge goal: Participants are tasked with developing an AI-enabled DPI for DPP data collection and exchange for stakeholders in the reversed value chain. Participants will learn from existing data exchange models involving producers and retailers, and identify barriers to developing similar systems with refurbishers, second-hand markets and waste treatment operators. Special considerations: Consider standardization aspects in the exchange of data unique to circular economy items.

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On the train this morning, I wrote out a problem statement in a Google Docs document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M_IHoKHTJfdOZnDfAB7QyVt7Ea8HaCSOcqhduTRJn2I/edit?usp=sharing

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Dispose: Ultimately removing an asset object. Requires removal from the parent. Imagine changing a tyre on a car. You would need to remove it from the car, then remove the asset.

Refurbish: Removing some assets (as above), and adding different assets (as per build).

30.05.2024 12:44 ~ reevery

Build: Assume all conditions are 100% or good. Add transactions which create/update a new parentID.

30.05.2024 12:39 ~ reevery

Prototyping a transactional model.

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Agreed on the first task distribution with assigned role: consumers, refurbishers, second-hand market place, manufacturers, and waste treatment operators.

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Contributed 2 weeks ago by Caz for UPU Innovation Challenge 2024
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