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Coupling Digital Identities

Coupling secure Digital Identities with trusted postal data to improve security and efficiency of Cross-Border delivery of Cargo/Posts.

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Solution: 📎 Hackathon-Final-Presentation.pdf

How Dr. Simona's credentials are verified in our use case using TRAIN

In our solution Dr. Simona gets information about Yukitrel in the Pulse pharmaceutical Network. But Pulse Network needs to make sure that Dr. Simona's credentials are indeed signed by a trusted entity, in this case, the Nigirian government. Pulse Network gets Dr. Simona's credentials, extracts the signer's DID and uses TRAIN - TRust mAnagement INfrastructure (see example repo) to check if the Nigerian country is indeed a trusted party. Pulse Network calls the verification API endpoint adding the below JSON payload (you can try it too! Please use it as POST request):

  "Issuer": "",
  "Trust_Scheme_Pointer": ""

"Issuer" is the Nigerian government DID and the "TrustSchemePointer" is where the Trust List of trusted countries is hosted ( for the hackathon purposes).

This is the final response that confirms the Nigerian country as a trusted party:

    "VerificationStatus": "OK",
    "VerificationResult": {
        "ReceivedTrustSchemePointer": "",
        "FindingCorrespondingTrustSchemeInitiated": "OK",
        "FoundCorrespondingTrustScheme": "",
        "TrustListDiscoveryInitiated": "OK",
        "TrustListFoundAndLoaded": "",
        "FoundIssuer": "",
        "ServiceTypeIdentifier": "",
        "VerifyIssuer": "OK",
        "VerificationSuccessful": "OK"

As for the next step, our dedicated team showcased an innovative solution for enhancing supply chain auditability by successfully setting up a demo Keri witness network. Using the Keri CLI provided by the GitHub repository, we created demo vLEIs for various participants involved in our challenge transaction. As part of our proof of concept, we signed postal data, verified its authenticity, and imagined a scenario in which we could further enhance trustworthiness by verifying the vLEIs as well. Drawing upon elements from the script, our creative solution demonstrated the potential for improved traceability and greater transparency in global supply chain processes.

Challenge: 📎 Challege-9-Team Unity 2023 Hackathon Presentation.pdf

According to DHL, Customs Compliance and Logistics are considered to be their two most important challenges for cross-border shipping of Cargo/Posts. Since Countries have their own regulations on the quality of products that can be imported. If products do not comply with any nation’s regulatory process, respective freights would not be able to enter the country. And in logistics because of the involvement of multiple carrier handoffs (3PLs) it might be difficult to track orders of the shipments or freights which in turn can lead to potential delays of the shipments.

We propose a novel approach by coupling secure digital identities with aggregated postal data from trusted sources (.e.g UPU, Designated Operators, private sector 3PLs) that could provide a potential solution to increase the security, efficiency, and quality of logistics in cross-border delivery of Cargo/Posts.

Use case Specific Problem Statements

#1 Cross Border Movement of Pharmaceutical Products

According to Pharma News Intelligence, the global revenue associated with the pharmaceutical industry is in excess of $1.4 trillion. In Switzerland, the KOF Swiss Economic Institute has estimated that pharmaceuticals accounted for over one-third of Swiss exported products. In 2021 the German Federal Supreme Administrative Court in 2021 invalidated a long standing business model of a Swiss licensed pharmacy company relying upon its Swiss license to sell goods to a German Distributor that were directly shipped from a French affiliate, with the pharmaceutical product never transiting through Switzerland. Providing the pharmaceutical industry access to multiple trusted registry data sources (postal data, licensure data, import/export data, etc.) can help facilitate the movement of pharmaceutical goods through the supply chain in a legally compliant manner.

#2 Use of Drones in the Shipment of Pharmaceuticals & Medical Goods

A growing number of government regulators are exploring the use of drones in expediting the shipment of pharmaceuticals and medical products. These use cases involve both urban and rural settings. By way of example, the Telangana state government in India completed a pilot in 2021 where 175 shipments (some in temperature controlled boxes) were delivered via drones over a 21 day period. In Austria, the Red Cross in conjunction with Thales demonstrated the delivery of a blood supply via drone in 2021. Wider deployment of this use case would require timely and secure access to multiple trust registry data sources (postal data and licensure data (medical & business). The need for accurate postal data for these types of use cases are increasingly important when they involve drones, as the movement of these drones in a three dimensional air volume are critically important for their safe and secure operation.


Demonstrate the viability of using multiple trust registries to improve the overall security, efficiency and quality of care within the healthcare ecosystem. Specifically, the hackathon will seek to demonstrate how multiples trusted source of data (including postal data from UPU or Designated Operator can facilitate the movement of a pharmaceutical and medical products through the supply chain.

📎 Challege-9-Team Unity 2023 Hackathon Presentation.pdf

Challenge Owner: Michael Palage, InfoNetworks



This repo is just a pointer to the tools used by the Team Unitiy during the Postal Data Hackathon 2023UPU.


The vLEI is a open standard type of W3C Verifiable Credential (VC) that leverages the W3C Decentralized Identifier (DID) standard. The DID method is did:keri which is based onthe KERI identifier system. Please refer to vLEI repo for more information.


TRAIN is a global trust infrastructure that can be used to verify the trustworthiness of involved parties in an electronic transaction. There has been several implementations in the form of PoC, one of the latest being Regi-TRUST, a project sponsored and hosted at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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if I can use my identification key to verify the delivery address I have - and the invoice recipient - in the simplest way possible, I save myself time and money for the benefit of my customer!

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vLEI uniquely identifies the legal entity, the person, and the corresponding role at the global level. In our challenge, the identification and verification of the signing person in the pharmaceutical supply chain is critical, so vLEI becomes our solution candidate naturally.

24.06.2023 10:03 ~ xiaodi

In the welcome session, I met Christian from fedpol. He mentioned that the Swiss government is looking for a solution for digital IDs to identify the person and the roles within the legal entity. vLEI is a perfect fit, and it is a key piece of the solution chain of our challenge.

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IOE level analysis steps: 1: group unique IOE 2: computing the number of records where predes exists and resdes does not exist 3: group IOE's by the number of records where predes exists and resdes does not exist 4: merge tables and compute %

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Country level analysis steps: 1: group unique destination countries 2: computing the number of records where predes exists and resdes does not exist 3: group countries by the number of records where predes exists and resdes does not exist 4: merge tables and compute %

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